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Our goal is to make our growers' lives as easy as it can be regarding crop protection.  We service, sell, and set up all types of wind machines in Central Washington to enable growers to protect their crops.


Ensuring that your wind machine is ready for the upcoming frost season means making sure the machine runs.  Windworx is committed to ensuring your machines are taken care of the right way, and serviced fully to ensure that it can protect your crop when the time comes.


Having the right tools for the job is a critical priority for any mechanic, so we know that having the right machine to protect farmer's livlihoods is no exception.  We offer a variety of premium machines at a fair price.  We reccomend Chinook brand wind machines to ensure growers have the very best product. Windworx is a dealer that can sell, install, and service all Chinook machines.



When the temperature hits that critical threshold and the machine doesn't start, make sure you have Windworx on speed dial.  We are capable of delivering emergency repair 24/7 to growers in all of North Central Washington.  We know what every minute of frost means to our growers and will fight that battle with our growers every step of the way.

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